September 27, 2004


diva fashion

please keep sending me emails. if your my fans then there will soon be an business address but you can only send me emails.

name of item price and code :

Quilt covers and pillows £ 28.00 2594x

sofa beds and pillows £ 75.00 2765n

t-shirts £ 12.00 2511c

coats £ 15.00 2121e

silver necklace with d on it £ 12.60 3265x

skirts with a diva chain £ 11.50 3551a

girls pink backpack £ 17.99 3721d

denim trousers blue £ 15.00 4192f

please email me the code and i will tell my company to make them then you have to email me your house address so then i can send the bought items to your house

many thanks

clayton gillett

boss and designer

div@ fashionworld

hi thanks for helping me do my fashion i hope you like it. please feel free to email me at the address my own fashion line is made for charity and some money raised will be sent to kids with a cause. so please email me a quote and tell me what you want and i will get it made and i will send it off.

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